Later Life

Almon Brown Strowgers Later Life

After Strowger sold his stake in the Strowger Automatic Telephone Exchange, he moved to St. Petersburg, Florida, to be near a sister who was living in St. Petersburg and because he believed the climate would be better for his health, Historian, Kathy Kanauer’s research shows. Strowger was suffering from stomach and liver ailments at that time, and he treated the conditions with mercury, as was common during that period. In 1897 Strowger married his nurse, Susan Bellinger. Little information is available on whether his previous wife died, or if the couple divorced.

In St. Petersburg, Strowger is said to have returned to becoming an undertaker, this time at the H.P. Bussey Funeral Home. According to our research, R.H. Sumner, a friend of Strowger’s during that time, described Strowger as “an ardent booster for the city,” saying he was

“very active in all political and civic affairs. He was not known locally as an inventor but rather as an investor. He gave generously of his time and money as the occasion demanded. Strowger became a familiar sight on the unpaved streets on St. Petersburg as he drove a pure white horse and a shiny black buggy, and he was always on the move. He was a very outspoken, high tempered man and if he didn’t like the way the city was doing certain things, he didn’t mind telling somebody how it should be done and oftimes would take over and do it himself.”

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